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In which we (yes, we...[twinsetellen](/people/twinsetellen) joins me for much of the episode!) discuss, personal agency, making protective face masks, the SSK Swap to help fiber community vendors losing revenue due to festival cancellations, what's happening in the patterns of Ellen's life, a generous offer from Infinite Twist (you put $10 into the fiber economy and get free stuff from Cate in return), a meditation of the impact of social distancing and Covid-19, and possibilities for future gatherings.

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In which I give you a very wave top view of the things that have happened in the last year as well as the things I've knit and the things I'm knitting, introduce a new design segment called Design Modifications (asking you to contribute your ideas and information to share with other listeners to modify the pattern of the podcast and help me produce episodes more frequently), and provide results from last year's UNKAL, and a heads up on TwinSet Summer Retreat 2020 and our plans to make it to Rhinebeck this year.

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